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About Our Law Company:

იურიდიული კომპანია -

We are foremost a trial company. Our team consists members of Georgian Bar Association. Attorneys at law offer litigation on crimminal, civil and administrative cases. We are working with individuals and business clients.

Litigation is not a only field we are working in. Our lawyers offer representing clients with government branches, businesses or individuals. Reputation and experience of our lawyers will increase chances of determaining risks in your case in advance and solving your problem in your favour.

Whereas you need litigation, document drafting or respesentation, all members of our team act according to our company principles:

  • Quality service
  • Fast service
  • Informing client
  • Highest ethical standarts
  • Confidentiality

Our company allows our clients to get information about thair case online. Our software is easy to use and allows you to get status updates, details and documents of your case. Also you can communicate with your lawyer and evaluate his work on your case.

You can access information about your case with the login information you got in our office from your lawyer.